About Us

Our founders Jenn and Scott have a deep love for hospitality and Wine Country. They met in this industry when Jenn was a wine rep and Scott was a Vice President of a leading brand. Although native to Texas, they got married in Sonoma and visit Wine County several times a year. Scott brings over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry while Jenn brings over 15 years in the wine industry. Opening a Northern California inspired kitchen was quite literally the perfect marriage of their passions!

Scott has had the pleasure of creating memorable brands such as: Hibiscus, Ida Claire, Mexican Sugar, and most recently, helping grow Whiskey Cake to 9 locations. Scott is excited to build a team focused on industry leading hospitality and exciting, innovative food + beverage options.

Jenn spent the first 10 years of her career at Republic National, one of the nation’s top wine wholesalers, and afterwards at a leading wine supplier where she had the opportunity to cultivate new relationships with the winemakers and families behind the brands. Jenn continues to stay close to her distributor partners and wonderful industry friends. She’s passionate about wine and loves its unique ability to bring people together.

Jenn, Scott and the entire Sip + Savor team are thrilled to bring the grandeur of Wine Country to this wonderful community!

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